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20 Goals for 2020? Whole30? Soberary? Are You In or Out for the New Year?

Happy New Year! We’ve been a little MIA on the blog over the holidays. If you are like us, you’ve been busy hosting a million people at your house, running to the grocery store a thousand times, buying last minute gifts, elfing, etc. etc. AND then the process of taking down all your Christmas decorations, it’s a lot! This is the first weekend where I actually feel like I am catching my breath and chilling out a little bit. It may also be that I’ve had an upper respiratory infection going on three weeks now and my body is like – girrrl, sit still! I’m not great at sitting still, but I have watched a few movies this weekend and it’s been nice. But between movie watching, I did run to Target and IKEA to get some organizational stuff :) I am who I am! I can’t help myself. January makes me want to purge things I haven’t been using around the house, rearrange furniture and just get super organized. I think it’s the need for a clean slate, a fresh start!

What is January like for you? So many of my friends make resolutions. They start doing Whole 30, participate in Soberary or dry-January. I even have friends that make lists of the things/goals they want to accomplish. For example, since it’s now 2020, they would come up with 20 things that they want to do over the course of the year: take a trip, go on a bike ride on a specific trail, meditate, read a book a month, you name it -- but 20 things they want to accomplish in the new year. I like this idea and have even tried it, but I usually make a list of things I want to do as a family over summer break. However, spreading it out over the year makes more sense if you think about it -- less pressure. But honestly, I’m not sure what camp of people I fall into when it comes to January. I’m kind of half on the resolution train and half off. I say that because I do think about resolutions and I do think about the year ahead, but I don’t actually say and commit to “doing X”. It’s more of a conversation I like to have with Jeff or a close friend and just being reflective. I actually find January to be a bit of a depressing month. It’s cold, the holidays are over, and everything seems so stark and bare with the decorations down. All the holiday bills start coming in and it’s like -UGH! I feel a little purposeless to be honest. January makes me feel like I need to dig a little deeper into self-reflection mode and ask myself “how are you doing?” “Is there anything more or different I should be doing to be a better spouse, mother or friend?” “Have I been falling short somewhere and do I need to make some changes?” Big questions make me more inward, insightful and I guess quiet for a while.

So, with those questions on my mind, I proposed to the group we were celebrating with this New Year’s Eve to try something a little different. It’s something I haven’t done in YEARS! It goes back to my days when I took a year off to learn about Chinese medicine – long story. Dr. Susan, my boss/mentor, taught me to write a list of all the things that you are holding on to emotionally that you want to let go of. Then make a list of the things you want to invite into your life -- your intentions. So, I asked the group if they wanted to do it too. Thankfully they didn’t look at me like I had three heads. Even the husbands and kids wanted to do it. The plan was that we would write our list, read them outload (that was Liz’s idea – great accountability partner!), and then burn our lists over the fire to release our thoughts to the universe. I did take a photo of my list so I could look back in a year and see how I did. I also took a photo of Sophie’s because I thought, for an 8-year-old, hers was super thoughtful. But hey I am her mom and can say that, right? I have it say it was one of the highlights of our New Years together. Everyone was super honest and authentic – which might have had something to do with liquid courage, but anyway, we learned things about each other we might never know before and it was just super cool and raw. I loved that even the husbands really showed their hearts.

So, while I do want to drink less, eat better, and work out more, I don’t really do that because it’s a new year. I want that every month of the year. Sometimes I do great at it and sometimes I fail miserably. Isn’t that just life? Or maybe the truth is I’m just not that regimented! Yes, that is the truth about me as well. But I am all about the intentions for my life and the life that I want to have, the wife and friend I want to be, the mother that I want to be to Sophie, and doing that in the most authentic balanced way possible. That’s what I want to be reflective on and continue to see the gratitude in it all. So yes, while I do find January to be a little depressing, maybe it’s really the slowing down of it all, catching my breath, and not being overscheduled.

I wish all of you a Happy New Year and success in your goals, resolutions and intentions that you have set for 2020. Today’s goal for me – put together the IKEA shelf we bought! I’m sure that it’ll only take 5 hours! :) I’d love to hear your thoughts on resolutions and what your goals are for 2020.

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