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Boo this, witches

Ok, I am going to get a lot of crap admitting this but I'll say it - I'm not a fan of Halloween!

There I said it! For the record, I have never liked Halloween. I think it goes back to living in Michigan when I was little and the street I lived on had a million kids on it. And each year we had a Halloween parade. One year I wanted to be Raggedy Ann. I'm sure many of you don't even know who that is, so I am totally dating myself. Ok stop judging, I know she's kinda scary looking! Anyway, my mom got me a Raggedy Ann costume (so it must have been a thing) but it was a crappy plastic costume with a weird apron that tied around me and a plastic mask. No red wig or anything fun and I got to walk down the street in the parade with a pot and wooden spoon to make noise. Seriously? Do you see why I've been scared? It was like that every year! Just a series of downhill efforts and mediocre costumes.

Raggedy Ann

But beyond the pressure of finding the perfect costume, there is also the pressure of decorating your house! My daughter reminds me constantly how uncool our house is because our decorations are lame. I'm sorry, I just don't like buying Halloween decorations. AND if you live in Atlanta, you also have to buy Boo signs to Boo people! While it's for a great charity, you literally have to buy these signs at the beginning of September and while it's still 97 degrees before they sell out. Then you have to think who you are going to Boo and buy the gifts to put on someone's doorstep at night. It's a lot of pressure (um work)! My daughter was just saying the other night "I don't think I am going to get boo'ed" this year". I was like, it's only October 4th, give it some time. But in the end, is it becoming a popularity contest? We drive through the neighborhood and she says, "Look they've been boo'ed three times!" I almost bought a backup Boo sign just in case we didn't get boo'ed to make her happy! Really? Would I resort to that? Maybe? Thankfully we were Boo'ed the other night so all is well until next year. Whew!

Each year I see people post on social these awesome costumes that are so original and fun, and I always am wo impressed with their creativity: "Why can't I think of that?" And if you invite me to go to a Halloween party, I will say no because I hate the idea of dressing up. It gives me anxiety. Yes, I have issues!

So, yes, while I like walking around on Halloween night with our neighbors and watching my daughter go door to door, I don't like all the other things that Halloween has become. Can't we just keep things simple and pure and not overengineer a holiday?

I know ... you can all comment BOO on my opinion on this!

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