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Updated: Sep 3, 2019

OH MY GOD, I AM A STALKER! I never thought I would be that person, but you guys…..I am here to confess, I am a total stalker and I don’t like it but I can’t stop! We dropped off our daughter off at camp, and I have been non stop clicking the link to look at the camp photos! I never thought I would be this way, but I am TOTALLY this way. AND, I already know that they don’t post new photos except for first thing in the morning. They don’t post throughout the day, which I wish they did, but of course I keep checking just to see if maybe, today will be the day they will change it up. What is wrong with me? I thought it would be so great, she would go to camp and I would enjoy a little getaway with hubby and then enjoy the evenings of having no real routine or agenda but noooo, I’m all anxious and distracted, I can’t seem to relax and enjoy myself. It’s like, I just need a little note from camp counselor Sarah telling me that my kiddo is good and having a great time. That’s it, that’s all I need and I would be able to get on with my week. But since they don’t do that, I am stalking photos of her to see if I can “read” her expressions and try to SEE if she really is having fun. Is she homesick? Does she miss me? Knowing my kid, probably not. She’s an independent spirit and loves adventure so it’s only logical that she is having the time of her life at camp, but I need someone to tell me that! She has been away from us before but what makes it different this time is that, when she is away, I can call her and talk to her. I’ve never gone this long without talking to her or hearing from who she is with to hear how she is doing. I know it sounds so crazy and I know once we get through this first milestone of her first time away at camp, it will be like no big deal and I will regret that I didn’t enjoy my week of freedom the way I should have. But it is what it is, I miss this little kid so much and Mama needs some reassurance. Maybe if I am lucky, I will get a letter from her tomorrow and all will be well in the universe because she will tell me she is having so much fun but until that happens, I will continue to stalk the photo site several times a day and wait to see her face pop up!

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