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Pillow Talk

Let's talk pillows! I have a problem. Yes, it's true. I know it might sound funny or trivial, but if you come into my home, you will find toss pillows everywhere and you will also notice that I change them seasonally. Not just for summer and winter like some of my friends do, I change out my pillows for fall, Christmas, winter, spring and summer. Every closet, trunk or cabinet has a pillow stuffed in it.

I can't resist the lure of new pillows! When I walk into Target, Pottery Barn or Arhaus and I see the beautiful new season of pillows, it's like they are on display just for me! I then think about all the reasons why I NEED and MUST BUY a new pillow. Now typically, I do wait for a sale, except for when it's Target, when I see it at Target, I grab it before anyone else can!

You see, I have all white sofas and beds in my home for a reason, it's a clean slate so that every season I can change the look of my rooms when I want to. I even have a banquet in my kitchen full of pillows. But it doesn't stop there, I even love poufs and throw pillows for the floor! For some reason, pillows just bring me joy and make me happy. As I write this, I am waiting on a new shipment of pillow covers from Pottery Barn and I CAN'T WAIT to put them on my sofas and decorate for fall!

Is there something that you buy in excess that you love and can't get enough of? I want to hear about it so that maybe I don't feel so guilty about this "pillow addiction" that I suffer from.

My banquet with a few toss pillows from my closets - keep in mind this isn't all of them! Yes! I have issues!

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